OMNIKEY 5422 Dual Interface Reader

The OMNIKEY 5422 smart card reader is the latest expression of both contact and contactless card technology wrapped up into a simple bundle. Generally speaking, the smart card technology enables convenient, speedy, and safe facility for user authentication in all use cases involving access to PC devices, software, and cloud-based services.

Basic Characteristics

The OMNIKEY 5422 is suitable for all environments where contact or contactless smart card scanning is required. It is lightweight and small, and connected to the main device via a USB A cable. It switches on and off automatically when it detects movement; that is, if a card is inserted, presented, or removed. It supports reading and writing for ID1-formatted, 13.65 MHz cards.

Standards and Compatibility

The OMNIKEY 5422 dual interface card reader was developed in compliance with ISO 14443 A/B and ISO 7816 standards, making it compatible with virtually any smart card, operating system, and application. It uses the CCID native operating system driver, eliminating the need for installation of own drivers. The card reader can run on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and other operating systems without the need for installation of any additional software.

Combined with the OMNIKEY 5422, an employee badge, usually reserved for role-based physical access control, can be converted to an authentication key for computer or network login or cloud access.

Operating conditions

The reader was tested for operating temperatures of up to 55 °C, as well as for conditions of high environmental humidity. It is resistant to dust and splashing, and was stress-tested for 100.000 card insertions and a mean time before failure of 500.000 hours. It has short circuit and thermal protection.

Easy to Install

No own driver needed

Simple to Use

Automatic card detection

ISO Compatibile

Developed in compliance with the latest standards


Very robust and reliable

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