Zebra ZT231 Industrial Label Printer

For environments characterized by high throughputs and large workloads, Zebra offers a solution in the shape of the ZT231 industrial label printer. High-resolution printing, great speed, and compact casing – all that you may wish for in a printer. It is suitable for use in manufacturing, transport and logistics, healthcare, and retail.

Basic Characteristics 

As all other Zebra products, the ZT231 industrial printer is robust, durable, and compact, without compromising on quality and printing speed. Besides, it is simple to use and maintain.

High Quality Printing Supplies

Zebra recommends own thermal printing supplies for use with its printers. They have been strenuously tested and optimized for use in the manufacturer’s printers, in order to achieve best results.

Zebra printer

Accessibility and Simplicity

The entirety of the user interface is located on a large 10cm touch screen. The display shows the printing status, and is used to access all menus and an extensive knowledge base. It is suitable for use with a gloved hand. The printer’s firmware is backwards compatible with various other pieces of software, making it possible for the ZR231 to replace a different manufacturer’s printer without the need to alter the label format or create new code.

The printer can also be accessed through a web-based dashboard, making it easy for a programmer to configure and troubleshoot, while the connection itself is compliant with the latest data security standards.

The in-built analytics and detection elements help plan maintenance, while the maintenance itself is facilitated by the design: the platen and the print head can be removed without the use of tools.

High Quality and Speedy Printing

The ZT231 label printer produces labels in the 203dpi, 8 dots per millimetre resolution, with an optional upgrade to 300dpi and 12 dots. The maximum width of printing is 104mm, while the maximum length is 3988mm, depending on the printer variant. It prints on continuous roll, die cut labels, and other formats.

The system supports seven Unicode-compliant fonts, allowing for printing in different languages. Support for various formats of linear and 2D barcodes is also present.

ZT231’s architecture allows it to process more jobs at once.

Durability and Reliability

The ZT231 industrial label printer is housed in a reinforced metal frame casing, making it resistant to impact. Besides, the housing is designed to save space, with a bi-folding door for easy access. It has been tested for operating temperature of up to 40 °C and conditions of high environmental humidity.

The printer’s firmware employs the highest standards of information security. The wireless connection with the printer is safe and easy to establish, while unauthorized access is easy to detect and eliminate.


Safest connections possible


Casing with metal frame

Ease of Use

The entire interface on one screen


Supports a broad gamut of labels