ZEBRA LI4278 Cordless Barcode Scanner

A leading world manufacturer, Zebra have built their core tenets into the LI4278 cordless barcode scanner: supporting the operators at the edges of each business operation, while complying with the latest industry standards in security and energy efficiency.

General Information

The innovative design of the scanner allows for scanning of all types of 1-D barcodes, from simple ID cards, through electronic barcodes on a mobile device display, all the way to HD barcodes in use in electronics manufacturing. Equipped with a Zebra LI4278 scanner, your operators will be able to scan 1-D barcodes quicker and at a greater distance. The LI4278 scanner can be used at awkward angles, allowing for greater speed and easy scanning.

The scanner is cordless, giving the operator full freedom of movement irrespective of their work station or the position of the barcode on the scanned object. The scanner can also work as a hands-free stationary scanner using the optional cradle.

Precision and Flexibility

LI4278’s aiming line does not lose its sharpness and is crisp and clearly visible at long ranges and in bright daylight, which facilitates and speeds up scanning in all lighting conditions. The scanner can be set up on its cradle as both a vertical and a horizontal fixed scanner, freeing up the operator’s hands and allowing for greater flexibility during scanning as well as in work station organizations.

Multiple scanner units can be paired up with a single cradle: up to three for a single desktop cradle, and up to seven for a presentation cradle.

The scanner operates without an active connection to a cradle, storing over 500 barcode scans into its memory, and uploading them automatically once connection is re-established.

Efficiency and Economy

The Zebra LI4278 uses easily replaceable and rechargeable batteries. One full charge allows a large number of scans during operation, being adapted to the most intensive modes of operation and highest usage profiles.

The scanner is fully compatible with older models of Zebra cradles and accessories. The LI4278 may be used with the LS4278 and DS6878 cradles without any hindrance in operation.

Security and Reliability

The scanner was designed having in mind the needs of a broad gamut of users and operators, as well as the requirements of constant handling and frequent use.

The Bluetooth 2.1 connection between the scanner and the cradle means the implementation of the latest industry standards in secure wireless data transfer, easier scanner and cradle pairing, and more efficient battery use. The LI4278 uses the latest EDR (Endpoint direction and response) technology to monitor constantly remote scanners and eliminate security risks.

The Zebra scanner LI4278 uses a unique single circuit board, eliminating the need for interconnections, making the device more reliable and resistant to breakage. The device is tested for drops onto concrete surfaces, and it performs remarkably in any lighting, moisture, or dust conditions. The cradle is resistant to damage resulting from frequent use.


The latest in wireless security


Reliable performance in bright, dusty, and wet environments

Drop Resistant

The scanner was tested for drops on concrete surfaces


Economical battery use