WSO2 API Manager

General Information

The WSO2 API Manager is a comprehensive open-source solution for the development, coding, integration and management of application programming interfaces – APIs – both on-premises and cloud based, including hybrid architectures. From its inception, WSO2 had been committed to the concept of open-source and code transparency, and the API Manager is an excellent example of the results of their approach.

Application Programming Interface (API) Management

Each application developer works within the framework defined by the operating environment and the architecture of the system they develop software for. An application programming interface, or API, is a set of definitions and protocols for the development and integration of application solutions; that is, the way in which two or more software solutions communicate with each other. This means that they are not intended for use by human users, but rather by computers. If a developer works on software solutions in multiple environments, that is, if multiple software solutions need to be integrated into a single one to satisfy a particularly demanding user such as a governmental body or an international corporation, use of an API manager is necessary.

WSO2 is particularly proud of their API Manager. It provides a broad range of functionalities, such as governance, security, and analytics, while supporting a large number of API types: REST, SOAP, GraphQL, WebSockets and WebHooks, among others.

Code Transparency

As may be expected from an open-source solution, the basic version of the software provides all the necessary functionalities, but each modification means the sacrifice of code quality guarantees stemming from transparency. For that exact reason, WSO2’s business model is based on full code transparency as a guarantee of quality and robustness, as well as top-notch user support servicing the demands of each individual developer and the needs of every user, resulting in high quality bespoke solutions.

The combination of code transparency and flexible support enables each individual developer to provide for their client a solution entirely suited to their needs.


An open-source solution


Support for the most frequent API types

Integration focus

API integration with a single click


Access to detailed performance data