THALES Gemalto QS1000 Document Reader

THALES, the industry leader in data security, imbued the THALES Gemalto QS1000 document reader with their experience and expertise. This document reader scans travel documents and personal ID quickly and reliably, making it widely applicable in the hotel and casino industry, with retailers of age-restricted goods and services, such as alcohol and tobacco products, with car rental agencies, and in various other applications.

Basic Characteristics of the Product

Verification and proof of identity are key to the security of the citizen-at-large, but also for the protection of legitimate interests of corporations in cases when reliable and accurate document scanning is needed. The QS1000 document reader allows the operator to scan and read documents quickly and simply, check its authenticity, as well as download data from it onto a connected device, network, or user app.

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Accurate Scanning in a Small Package

The QS1000 enables automatic scanning of multiple types of documents – the device detects that a document is present in its scanning window and scans it without any additional action by the operator. Documents are scanned in the visible spectrum, as well as in infrared, with the resolution of 400 DPI, and 30-bit deep colour.

It is compact and small, with the scanning window 88mm by 125mm, without moving parts, and an internally sealed optical chamber, making it dust resistant. The device was tested for conditions of high environmental humidity and a working temperature of up to 50 °C.

High Compatibility

The THALES Gemalto QS 1000 is capable of scanning a broad gamut of documents: ICAO-compliant travel documents, ISO 18013-compliant drivers’ licenses, various formats of 1D barcodes, as well as 2D barcodes for boarding passes and other documents, QR codes in the DataMatrix and Aztec formats, either from print or from a wide range of mobile devices.

This document scanner is compatible with applications developed for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It stores images in the most frequently encountered formats (.bmp, .png, or .jpeg).

Quick and Easy

Automatic document scanning


Reads a broad spectrum of documents


High-resolution scans


No moving parts, dust-resistant

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