AET SafeSign Identity Client

SafeSign Identity Client is a middleware solution for safe authentication using smart cards or USB tokens. This solution by AET allows for efficient protection of each user’s computer infrastructure.

Card and Token Management

SafeSign IC gives the system administrators a broad spectrum of card, token, and data management options. The administrator can set a PIN, block and unblock a card, add or erase digital keys and certificates. The user, also, has the ability to access the digital certificates themself, as well as change their own PIN.

Multifactor Authentication

SafeSign Identity Client introduces multifactor authentication to user’s login onto a network, a computer, or an application by requesting a USB token or a smart card and PIN. The PIN is known to the user alone, while the USB tokens and smart cards are resistant to all kinds of unauthorized tampering, which together makes a robust and safe user authentication system.


This software solution is available for all kinds of devices, from servers, through desktop computers, all the way to laptop computers and smart mobile devices. Other than computers, the solution may be installed on printers, as well as other devices needing protection and access control.

SafeSign IC supports hardware by various manufacturers, including over 200 types of smart cards, which affords the user full freedom in choice of hardware. System administrators have free rein when modifying the system by adding certificates and applications as necessary without the need to alter user  infrastructure or the tokens themselves.


Multifactor user authentication


Support for over 200 types of cards

Easy to Administrate

Broad spectrum of functionalities


Token content may be changed regardless of infrastructure