IDBridge CT30 Smart Card Reader

If you have entrusted someone with your security, you must be counting on them to be trustworthy. If they really are trustworthy, they will be using THALES devices for your data. Universal smart card reader model IDBridge CT30 is the best protection from cyber-attacks and identity theft.

Basic Characteristics of the Reader

A rising number of companies, individuals and public bodies offer and make use of an ever greater  number of online services. However much this speeds up and facilitates doing business, identity theft and data security are becoming more of an issue, both in terms of volume and technical sophistication. THALES, the industry leader in communication safety, has the answer.

Smart card technology allows for secure access, digital identity protection, and secure online transactions to enterprises, their employees, and their customers, but also to the public-at-large. Smart card readers are a basic component of each such system. They are connected to a computer or another device, providing for a simple and secure data transfer between the card itself and the online services.

Smart Card Reader Design

The THALES IDBridge CT30 is transparent, allowing for the card graphics to have the spotlight. It is compact, taking up little volume, and is very lightweight (only 55g). Its 1.5m-long cable makes it easy to connect it with both portable and desktop devices. The reader is certified for temperatures of up to 55°C.

A set of optional accessories was designed to make work even easier for the user: a stand for use on a desktop, and a floppy disk tray which allows the reader to be installed into a PC Floppy Disk or CD-ROM bay, freeing up space on the desktop.


Safegaurds data and user identity


Ideal for e-Government, banking, healthcare and commercial use


Compatible with all ISO smart cards

Easy to Use

Compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS