AET BlueX eID Management

BlueX eID Management is AET’s answer to the question of how to efficiently manage sets of various security certificates and credential sets, regardless of the number of issuers, expiry, and number and type of user.

Security and Flexibility

BlueX enables its users to do business compliant with the most stringent demands of cybersecurity by providing all the functionalities related to efficient and secure digital identity management. Being a flexible and adaptable solution, BlueX is suitable for all user organization profiles, from small corporations to nationwide systems.

Though perfectly safe, BlueX remains flexible enough to provide adequate work regardless of the global location of the user. BlueX was conceived and designed to comply with cutting edge security standards, including CWA 14167-1/2003, CEN/TS 419261:2015, and ANSSI CSPN


In line with the most stringent security standards


Easy integration with other systems and hardware

Based on standard interfaces

Zasnovan na standardnim interfejsima


From 50 to 50 million user identities