AET ConsentID

ConsentID is a digital signature and authentication solution developed primarily for the needs of business users. However, AET designed this application to be useful for a broad gamut of situations and for different user profiles. ConsentID provide san efficient and safe multifactor authentication wherever it is necessary or useful.

What is Multifactor Authentication?

Multifactor authentication is a way of providing communication between digital services users. THe user is allowed access to an application or website with a password and at least one other mode of identification. The password iself may be lost, or may be obtained by bad actors through illegal data brokers. With multifactor authentication, access to a service is only available with at least one other proof of identity (authenticity factor).

An additional identity factor may be an object (key, card), knowledge unique to the user (PIN), or a biometric characteristic of a user (fingerprint). Multifactor or two-factor authentication (MFA, 2FA) represents the minimum security standard for digital services.

How ConsentID Works

ConsentID utilises the user’s mobile phone and a unique PIN as additional authentication factors. The user connects with a digital service provider using a device of their own choice and sends a ConsentID access request to the server. The server then sends the user’s mobile device a message seeking the pnique PIN input. Once the user enters the PIN, they gain the access to the ConsentID-protected service.


Global standard in communications


Support for various user profiles

Ease of Use

Ultimate user-friendliness


Available for Android and Apple devices