ENTRUST CR805 Retransfer Printer

With ENTRUST’s CR805 retransfer card printer, you can print cards of any type, of high quality, and with a large number of colours, images, and other elements, quickly and safely, from your desktop computer.

Other than the printers themselves, TrustIT also offers genuine ENTRUST printer supplies (link) for optimal performance.

Precision Printing

The 600dpi resolution allows high-precision printing not only of ornamental or branding graphics, but also photographic quality of line, surface, and skin tone, which allows for very accurate authentication of the card bearer by photo. Other that that, microtext printing, barcodes, QR codes and other machine-readable elements are available.

The CR805 printer supports printing on a large number of custom-designed cards on tdemand, which eliminates the need for pre-printed card stock.


The CR805 retransfer printer by ENTRUST allows the user to add various security elements to the cards, including UV and metalic textural elements. The retransfer film makes the card more durable, and can be applied in a double layer.

For increased security, the connection between the software and the printer is encrypted, while user data is not stored in the printer after the printing task is completed.

The printer also sports an optional lock.

Flexibility and Scalability

The device can be used to issue physical and digital ID cards, and, depending on the settings, can print up to 110 cards per minute. The cards themselves may be in different formats and materials, according to the customer’s needs. The printer may be set up to issue different types of cards from different hoppers, as needed, without the need to change the card stock.


Encrypted user-device connecttion


Various security elements may be added to cards


Retransfer printing makes for great card durabiliry


High-resolution printing