ENTRUST Sigma DS3 Direct-to-Card Printer

ENTRUST’s Sigma DS3 direct-to-card printer was designed and optimized for cloud structures. Its solutions enables all operators to easily and simply issue safe and reliable cards.

Other than the printers themselves, TrustIT offers genuine ENTRUST supplies (link) for optimum performance.


Sigma DS3, like all the other Sigma series printers, represents the simplest and the most robust solution for various profiles of commercial users.

The user interface is simple and intuitive, while the notification system is direct and clear. If it is necessary to determine printing or cleaning status, update the firmware, order new ribbons or other supplies, or contact customer support, it will be evident from the device interface itself.

ENTRUST also allows access to a large number of video tutorials by simply scanning a QR code, which further reduces the room for error and makes each operator’s work easier.


ENTRUST’s Sigma DS3 printer sports a high standard of encryption of the connection between the computer and the printer, with the same protection afforded for the user data as well. User data are not stored in the device once the print task is completed.

Other than the security of the device, the cards themselves can be made more secure, unique, and easily recognizable using diverse printing technologies, such as lustre colours and the texture of the cards themselves.

If necessary, the device can be locked.

Flexibility and Scalability

The device can be set to be accessible through a cloud setup or on-premisses, and it can print physical ID cards and issue digital ID credentials at the same time. It is equipped to print cards of varying dimensions and thickness, single- or dual-sided, monchrome or in colour. Depending on the settings, the ENTRUST Sigma DS3 can print up to 1100 cards per hour.


Various security elements may be introduced to the cards


Encrypted user-printer connection


Simple and intuitive interface


High-resolution printing

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