Desktop Label Printer Zebra ZD220

There is hardly a more maligned piece of hardware than the printer, especially an affordable desktop printer burdened by a heavy workload and long hours of continuous operation. Zebra has a different approach: an approach stemming from dedication to quality and affordability. The ZD220 desktop label printer was designed to last and operate equally well throughout its working life.

Basic Characteristics

Zebra’s main tenet in hardware development is reliability, followed by high quality and efficiency. The ZD220 has a dual-wall casing for increased durability, and also uses quality components in order to ensure return on investment over years of usage.

Universality and Convenience

The ZD220 label printer is designed for universal interoperability, in order to replace legacy models using ZPL, EPL, and non-Zebra command languages. It connects with a computer using a USB cable.

Interoperability and small dimensions (267mm x 197mm x 191mm) and light weight (1.1kg) make it suitable for label printing in transport and logistics, manufacturing, retail, and other areas. With or without the facility of the proprietary Zebradesigner software, the printer is ideal for printing of various labels, tickets, tags, barcodes, and other similar documents.

The printer has a single LED indicator and a single feed/pause button, making it very simple to operate.

Precise and Fast Printing

The DZ220 printer has a resolution of 203dpi, or 8 dots per millimetre, on a tape a maximum of 104mm wide, at a speed of 102mm per second, making it quick enough for even the most demanding workloads. It supports rolls, die cut stock, wristbands and other formats of stock.

It comes with precision printing firmware for 2:1 and 3:1 bar codes, as well as 1D and 2D bar codes in various standard formats. Its firmware also supports multiple pre-installed fonts compatible with Unicode, for printing in various languages.

Reliability Across Various Working Conditions

The ZD220 label printer was tested for working temperatures up to 41 °C and conditions of high environmental humidity. Its robust casing makes it resistant to damage from impact and drops.

High Quality Printing Supplies

Zebra recommends own thermal printing supplies for use with its printers. They have been strenuously tested and optimized for use in the manufacturer’s printers, in order to achieve best results.


USB connectivity with main device

Impact resistance

Dual-wall casing


Support for a broad gamut of labels

Extended Warranty

2 years from date of delivery