Zebra TC21/TC26 Touch Computer

If you are considering digitizing stocktaking by issuing low-cost mobile phones to your employees, think again: Zebra series TC2X touch computers are a better, more efficient, and yet similarly priced solution. Zebra, a world leader in computer design and manufacture, managed to wrap up a lot of processing power and many functionalities into an easily portable package.

Basic Characteristics

Zebra series TC2X mobile computers are lightweight and small, and easily operated with one hand, using a touch-sensitive screen. They run on a best-in-class 1.8 or 2.2 GHz processor and possess a 5’’, high-resolution, high colour depth screen.

The device’s interface is Android-based, requiring no special training to use.

Resilient and Rugged

Unlike most mobile phones, TC21 and TC26 touch computers are designed to be resistant to situations which may occur when handling in a more demanding environment. They are shock and drop proof, as well as waterproof, dustproof, resistant to snow, rain, scorching and freezing temperatures, and high humidity. With the optional protective boot, functioning is ensured even after a 1.5m drop on concrete.

The device’s screen is better suited for use in various stocktaking job environments than the average mobile phone. It is protected with Gorilla Glass, and clearly visible indoors as well as in bright sunlight.

A Wide Range of Configurations

The TC2X series of mobile phones are compatible with all Zebra scanners and barcode readers, supporting 1D and 2D barcodes in various formats, but, if necessary, the device’s rear camera can be used for scanning, too. The device can be wrist-mounted in such cases when the operator requires free hands, and the device may be easily connected to portable printers and scanners via Bluetooth.

If there is a need for video calls, a 5MP front camera may be added to the device. Depending on the configuration, the device may be converted into a fully functional workstation, using a workstation cradle, connected to a monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, and other peripheral devices.


Highest standards of wireless connectivity

Ease Of Use

Built on top of an Android interface


Reliable in various conditions


A large selection of peripherals