The IDBridge K50 by THALES is a compact, tamper-evident USB key that offers a dynamic smart card functionality, usable with any USB connection.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication means that each user is identified by two discrete pieces of data. One is usually a password, while another is usually specific to what the user is (a fingerprint or an iris scan, for instance), or something the user has, such as a mobile device, token, or key. IDBridge K50 is one such key, or factor of identification.

THALES’s IDBridge K50 is the size of an ordinary USB thumb drive, packaged in a robust tamper-evident casing. Its USB connectivity makes it especially useful in all such instances when smart card readers are not available or inconvenient. This means that only authorized users may perform transactions, sign documents, access sensitive information or networks, and similar.

Safety and Security

The IDBridge K50 combines smart card security with USB convenience to provide advanced protection for all kinds of sensitive systems, services, and applications. The token is compatible with any system with a USB connection, and THALES provides support for all major desktop operating systems.

The token can also be provided with IDGo Middleware, supporting a broad range of onboard security applications. IDGo is a smart card-based crypto-library which intergrates smart card cryptography with PKI services to provide the highest possible levels of security.

The THALES IDBridge K50 allows for safe performance of operations such as online banking, remote access, data protection, and computer and network access control.


Not much larger than the average thumb drive

Ease of use

Plug and play

Robust Security

Weather resistant and tamper-evident


USB connection and support for Windows, Linux, and MacOS