THALES SafeNet IDCore 3130 Dual Interface Smart Card

SafeNet IDCore 3130 represents the modern smart card security standard. THALES, its manufacturer, built into it a broad portfolio of identity management and access control solutions, including a wide range of multifactor authentication solutions.

Stringent Security Standards

SafeNet IDCore 3130 dual interface smartcard implements the latest Java Card platform standard. This platform supports the most demanding requirements of long-term, multi-application programs, also sporting the Level 3 FIPS 140-2 certificate.

It is compliant to the current international standards, including ISO 7816, ISO 14443, Java Card 3.0.5, and Global Platform 2.2.1

Dual Interface

The SafeNet IDCore 3130 sports a dual interface: it supports both the ISO 7816 contact chip data transfer, and the ISO 14443 contactless technology, alongside the CRYPTO1 applet, widely used by public transport providers.

The openness of the Java platform and technological interoperability provide for the separation of the applet form the platform, meaning that third-party applications may be installed without difficulties.

Dual Interface

Contact and contactless transfer


Receptive to third-party software


Optimized for maximum performance


The latest in security countermeasures

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