Gator is our proprietary software solution for access and attendance control. All the best hardware is only as good as their software support. We have invested years of our work into developing the optimal software solution which, combined with the most advanced hardware (terminals and antennae) manufactured by our partners, delivers excellent returns.

Access Control

Gator’s basic functionalities concern control of physical access to particular areas. Combined with the token type of your choice, Gator lets you permit or prohibit access to parts of your premises to any employee or group of employees as needed. If you want to make sure that only night shift employees may access your premises during nighttime, to allow access to all offices to the cleaning staff only, or to prevent anyone but your technicians to access the server room, Gator is the solution for you.

Attendance Logs

Timely record keeping is key to seamless business operation, and attendance records have both security and practical benefits. Gator has funcionalities for logging attendance and tardiness, tracking shift work, and various other facilities which make the work of HR, security, payroll, fleet, and many other departments much easier. Gator is also implemented in universities as a means of logging student attendance.

Regular Improvements and Updates

Gator is constantly being developed and improved upon, and new functionalities are regularly added. This means that we keep abreast of the current safety standards and build them into our product. Gator is improved and perfected on a daily basis – we use it ourselves – and support for Gator is guaranteed to last.

Experience in Implementation

The system has been in successful use for years

Regular Updates

Constant development and dependable support

Highest Security Standards

Cutting edge technologies incorporated

Great Customizability

A broad spectrum of settings